Things to Consider When Buying Shoelace Aglets

Most people when they purchase shoes, do not focus on shoelace aglets. However, if you are a shoe enthusiast, you need to be concerned about the fit. If you are not careful, you can end up purchasing shoes with low-quality shoelace aglets. Thus, it is advisable to get the correct shoelace aglets.

As you know, shoelace aglets are made of various materials: spun polyester, nylon laces, cotton, and leather. These are usually found in boots, work shoes, sneakers, and rubber shoes. They are designed to support your feet and prevent shoes from falling off. Ideally, the shoelace is made of two parts: the cord and the hard tip which is known as an aglet.

The following are tips for buying the best shoelace aglets.


Types of shoelace aglet plays an important role in the performance and usability of your shoes. The common options are rope and flat shoelace aglets. Flat are common as they suit all types of shoes. Also, they provide a balanced ground between aesthetic appeal and strength. Rope shoelace aglets are meant for athletic shoes. They are made of multiple layers and are quite strong.


This is the most important thing to consider when choosing shoelace aglets. Why do you need them? If you like walking short distances to work, your needs will be different from those of a professional athlete. Make sure you figure out why you need shoelace aglets before purchasing them.


Standard shoelace aglets are available in different materials. You can find some made from plastic and some from natural materials. Jute and hemp are widely used, along with synthetic fabrics and materials. Each material has pros and cons when used to make shoelace aglets. Therefore, you should only buy shoelace aglets based on your requirements. For instance, cotton likes to grip and bind, which might appear to be a high-quality shoelace aglet can turn out to be the worst.

Shoelace aglets that are made of synthetic materials can slip through your shoe holes easily. Also, they can be challenging to tie. You should consider opting for shoelaces that create a perfect balance between synthetic and natural fibers. It is advisable to go for shoelace aglets made with a combination of different materials to provide reliability, performance, and comfort.


Shoelace aglets are designed to be tied at the ends. The modern ones are curved to retract, making them easy to remove. Remember that shoelace aglets have several applications in athletic shoes and shoes for children and elderly. Also, you should think about the style. You can now find novelty and designer shoelace aglets to help you make a fashion statement.


Buying new shoelace aglets is the easiest part. If there is a shoe store near you, you can find out whether they have the shoelace aglets you want. Another option is to purchase online. In this way, you have an opportunity to try different materials and colors. Another reason you should consider buying online is that you can compare prices from different manufacturers. Additionally, you can purchase in bulk to enjoy discounts and save money.



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